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To be fully aware of what is going on in mkgmap development its a good idea to sign up to both the mkgmap-dev and mkgmap-svn mailing lists.

Getting the code

First you will need to get the code

The program is written in Java, so you will need a java compiler. You can get one from Oracle[1] .

Linux machines will usually have openjdk available to install. On fedora the package names are java-1.7.0-openjdk and java-1.7.0-openjdk-devel

On Ubuntu the packages are called openjdk-7-jdk.

Minimum requirements

The minimum you need to compile the code is a java development kit [2] and ant[3]

To build you just need to run ant.

All other dependencies are downloaded as part of the build process, so you need to be connected to the internet the first time you build, they should only be downloaded once.

Java IDE

An IDE will provide you with everything you need to develop, build and run the tests. Popular open source IDEs are: IDEA[4], eclipse[5] and netbeans[6].

You just need the standard java options, no enterprise (EE) options are needed.

TODO list

We have a list of things that have been suggested to be done in the to do list

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r3814 revert changes from r3771 to MultiPolygonRelation.
    17 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3813 merge from split-shape branch.
    17 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3812 default style: ignore aeroway tag if way is also tagged as highway.
    17 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3811 cleanup ShapeMergeFilter.
    16 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3810 prevent ndexOutOfBoundsException in ShapeMergeFilter.
    16 feb 2017
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