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Maintenance Sun 6th March


The server and website will be down from around 4pm GMT on Sunday 6th March so they can be upgraded. This should take less than two hours, probably much less.

There will be an announcement on the mailing list just before the downtime and then just afterwards.

During the upgrade, mailing list, svn and downloads will not be available.

Posted by steve on 29 Feb 2016

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r3814 revert changes from r3771 to MultiPolygonRelation.
    17 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3813 merge from split-shape branch.
    17 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3812 default style: ignore aeroway tag if way is also tagged as highway.
    17 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3811 cleanup ShapeMergeFilter.
    16 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3810 prevent ndexOutOfBoundsException in ShapeMergeFilter.
    16 feb 2017
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