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Boundary and Sea files

These files are used to improve the sea areas and address information.

Boundary file for --bounds option bounds.zip
Sea file for --precom-sea option sea.zip

Other builds

These snapshots are created automatically when ever a change is commited, so you can try out the latest code straight away. It should take less than 5 minutes for the build and test to be completed. The build will only appear if the automatic tests pass.

Branch builds

These jar files are latest builds of recent development branches. They are useful if you want to quickly test a branch without having obtain and build it. The source code is available via subversion.

As this is an automatic process, some of the branches might be already merged with the main line, or abandoned and of course they may not work.

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r3652 hide abandoned highways in the default style. Abandoned highways have some evidence of their former existence but are no longer ....
    26 nov 2015
  • mkgmap-r3651 improve address search: special rule for Wien in Austria.
    20 nov 2015
  • mkgmap-r3650 make sure that the string with the country name is normalized.
    13 nov 2015
  • mkgmap-r3649 sharp-angles-v4.patch with small modifications.
    27 oct 2015
  • mkgmap-r3648 fix possible "internal error, road links are not correct " message.
    26 oct 2015
  • mkgmap-r3647 construction_v3.patch: don't route through highway=construction.
    26 oct 2015
  • mkgmap-r3646 squash_spaces_v1.patch:.
    19 oct 2015
  • mkgmap-r3645 ignore-unusable-highway_v1.patch:.
    19 oct 2015
  • mkgmap-r3644 add portugese spelling for Brasil / Brazil.
    15 oct 2015
  • mkgmap-r3643 ignore highway=razed.
    19 sep 2015
  • mkgmap-r3642 correct POI for toilets and tourism=information.
    17 sep 2015
  • mkgmap-r3641 remove code for obsolete option --ignore-builtin-relations.
    01 sep 2015
  • mkgmap-r3640 code cleanup:.
    01 sep 2015
  • mkgmap-r3639 further improve handling of addr:interpolation ways.
    31 aug 2015
  • mkgmap-r3638 fix two small problems in the unit tests:.
    31 aug 2015
  • mkgmap-r3637 improve checks for raddr:interpolation ways.
    30 aug 2015
  • mkgmap-r3636 remove dead code.
    30 aug 2015
  • mkgmap-r3635 corrections to addr:interpolation way checks.
    28 aug 2015
  • mkgmap-r3634 print warning when a addr:interpolation way is ignored because it produces duplicates.
    27 aug 2015
  • mkgmap-r3633 correction: don't ignore the no-u--turn restrictions that are generated by an only* route restriction.
    25 aug 2015
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