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Boundary and Sea files

These files are used to improve the sea areas and address information.

Boundary file for --bounds option bounds.zip
Sea file for --precom-sea option sea.zip

Other builds

These snapshots are created automatically when ever a change is commited, so you can try out the latest code straight away. It should take less than 5 minutes for the build and test to be completed. The build will only appear if the automatic tests pass.

Branch builds

These jar files are latest builds of recent development branches. They are useful if you want to quickly test a branch without having obtain and build it. The source code is available via subversion.

As this is an automatic process, some of the branches might be already merged with the main line, or abandoned and of course they may not work.

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r3698 Another 'bracket' clarification, in typ-compiler.
    20 oct 2016
  • mkgmap-r3697 Clarify usage of 'brackets' in documentation..
    20 oct 2016
  • mkgmap-r3696 Fix documentation error..
    16 oct 2016
  • mkgmap-r3695 hide-gmapsupp-on-pc.patch: add option to set flag in img header.
    11 sep 2016
  • mkgmap-r3694 Invalid style expression fix..
    18 aug 2016
  • mkgmap-r3693 check_roundabout_connections_v4.patch : More checks for the check-roundabout option.
    10 aug 2016
  • mkgmap-r3692 fix problmems with unit tests on windows.
    06 aug 2016
  • mkgmap-r3691 preserve_v2.patch: reduce distortion at lower zoom levels.
    04 aug 2016
  • mkgmap-r3690 unit tests regarding img size did not reflect latest changes which reduced img size.
    04 aug 2016
  • mkgmap-r3689 change jre settings to java 1.8.
    04 aug 2016
  • mkgmap-r3688 Change eclipse javac settings to 1.8..
    01 aug 2016
  • mkgmap-r3687 Remove the forced jdk1.7 target..
    01 aug 2016
  • mkgmap-r3686 improve MultiPolygonRelation code.
    29 jul 2016
  • mkgmap-r3685 add landuse=orchard to default style, it is rendered like landuse=vineyard.
    29 jul 2016
  • mkgmap-r3684 Increase size limit for polyons from 0x7fff to 0xfff..
    28 jul 2016
  • mkgmap-r3683 Improve Code in LinePreparer.
    21 jul 2016
  • mkgmap-r3682 Improve Filter to catch special cases where the closing point of a shape is part of a spike.
    21 jul 2016
  • mkgmap-r3681 add check for possible null pointer exception (NPE).
    20 jul 2016
  • mkgmap-r3680 reduceImgSize_v2.patch :.
    20 jul 2016
  • mkgmap-r3679 overview_levels_v3.patch.
    20 jul 2016
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