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Boundary and Sea files

These files are used to improve the sea areas and address information.

Boundary file for --bounds option bounds.zip
Sea file for --precom-sea option sea.zip

Other builds

These snapshots are created automatically when ever a change is commited, so you can try out the latest code straight away. It should take less than 5 minutes for the build and test to be completed. The build will only appear if the automatic tests pass.

Branch builds

These jar files are latest builds of recent development branches. They are useful if you want to quickly test a branch without having obtain and build it. The source code is available via subversion.

As this is an automatic process, some of the branches might be already merged with the main line, or abandoned and of course they may not work.

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r3953 (optimize-index) remove unit tests which test expanded characters to sort equal to the expanded characters. We do no longer want that ....
    26 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3952 (optimize-index) Don't assume a file size of 1024 for SRT , it can be much bigger if unicode is used..
    25 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3951 (optimize-index) - first working version of SrtFileReader.
    24 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3950 (optimize-index) correction for handling of expand statements.
    24 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3949 (optimize-index) don't use expand for ß, instead sort it after s..
    23 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3948 (optimize-index) Don't use expand for characters æ,Æ and œ,Œ..
    22 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3947 (optimize-index) change again the method which calculates the entries in MDR 17..
    22 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3946 (optimize-index) start to implement reader for SRT file..
    22 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3945 (optimize-index) correction: don't set flags which signal existence of MDR 17 data when MDR17.
    22 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3944 (optimize-index) correction: expansion list length is saved with 4 bits, not 2..
    20 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3943 (optimize-index) mdr17.patch : don't fill MDR17 for unicode maps.
    20 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3942 (optimize-index) correct calculation of flags in SrtTextReader.
    14 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3941 (optimize-index) Improve code that calculates 2 or 4 byte prefixes (again). I believe that mkgmap.
    13 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3940 (optimize-index) remove problematic 0x007f (DEL) character from tag values.
    13 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3939 (optimize-index) - improve code that calculates 2 or 4 byte prefixes.
    13 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3938 (optimize-index) improveme throughput, no change in output.
    10 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3937 (optimize-index) oops, commented the wrong code line.
    09 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3936 (optimize-index) improve performance: avoid boxing+unboxing in iterator.
    08 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3935 (optimize-index) cleanup: comment unused code, might be needed later.
    08 may 2017
  • mkgmap-r3934 (optimize-index) add temporary option --x-use-prefix-suffix-filter to enable experimental code.
    08 may 2017
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