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Boundary and Sea files

These files are used to improve the sea areas and address information.

Boundary file for --bounds option bounds.zip
Sea file for --precom-sea option sea.zip

Other builds

These snapshots are created automatically when ever a change is commited, so you can try out the latest code straight away. It should take less than 5 minutes for the build and test to be completed. The build will only appear if the automatic tests pass.

Branch builds

These jar files are latest builds of recent development branches. They are useful if you want to quickly test a branch without having obtain and build it. The source code is available via subversion.

As this is an automatic process, some of the branches might be already merged with the main line, or abandoned and of course they may not work.

Latest commits

  • splitter-r427 correction: try to avoid calling checkForEmptyClusters() when no-trim is active.
    12 aug 2015
  • splitter-r426 fix formatting of doc.
    04 jun 2015
  • splitter-r425 update help.
    02 jun 2015
  • splitter-r424 Patch to fix 'allow to' typo in splitter documentation.
    02 jun 2015
  • splitter-r423 if keep-complete is active, make sure that small administrative boundaries are kept complete..
    22 may 2015
  • splitter-r421 Update licence info in older test sources.
    10 jan 2015
  • splitter-r420 Update licence info.
    10 jan 2015
  • splitter-r419 man page for splitter. Both the DocBook XML.
    10 jan 2015
  • splitter-r418 Update licence in osmosis files.
    08 jan 2015
  • splitter-r417 - stop with error message (and rc 1) if split failed for one of many partitions.
    07 jan 2015
  • splitter-r416 keep also relations with type=associatedStreet and type=street.
    01 dec 2014
  • splitter-r415 commit useBBoxOfPolygons-v2.patch : Use the bbox of the polygon.
    01 dec 2014
  • splitter-r414 Allow max aspect ratio of 32 instead of 4 when splitting into few parts..
    03 nov 2014
  • splitter-r413 correct JavaDoc, no functional change.
    03 nov 2014
  • splitter-r412 remove debug code which tries to write to e:/ld_sp/start-poly.kml.
    21 jun 2014
  • splitter-r411 improve and simplify split algo:.
    06 jun 2014
  • splitter-r410 improve check for stop-after option: don't accept substring of allowed.
    06 jun 2014
  • splitter-r409 duplicate searchLimit if start value gives no acceptable solution..
    31 may 2014
  • splitter-r408 fix merging of "precomp-sea" data when planet is used as input.
    31 may 2014
  • splitter-r407 make option --description work again.
    31 may 2014
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