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Version mkgmap-r3686 will be last to run on java 7


All future versions of mkgmap and splitter that are downloaded from the website will require java 8 to run.

The public updates of java 7 ended over a year ago in Apr 2015 and java 8 was released in Mar 2014, so you are likely to be running java 8 already, except for some long term supported linux distributions where java 7 may still be the default and you will have to install java 8 in addition or instead of java 7.

Posted by steve on 1 Aug 2016

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r3814 revert changes from r3771 to MultiPolygonRelation.
    17 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3813 merge from split-shape branch.
    17 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3812 default style: ignore aeroway tag if way is also tagged as highway.
    17 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3811 cleanup ShapeMergeFilter.
    16 feb 2017
  • mkgmap-r3810 prevent ndexOutOfBoundsException in ShapeMergeFilter.
    16 feb 2017
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