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[mkgmap-dev] Commit r3971: - roadNameConfig_v1.patch by Carlos Davida which adds more countries and languages

From Alexandre Folle de Menezes afmlistas at terra.com.br on Wed Jun 14 18:32:13 BST 2017

Sorry, I was not very clear.  What I meant was that mkgmap will run 
quicker if the most common prefixes are placed first.  But I did not 
check the code, maybe Gerd can confirm/deny my supposition.



Em 14/06/2017 12:06, Carlos Dávila escreveu:
> In what way do you think it is more efficient? I thought you could be 
> talking about roads including more than one prefix1 in their name, eg. 
> "Avenida de la Calle Mayor", but I tested that name and I can't see 
> any difference in search behavior on MapSource. By the way, I found 
> that when road name includes two words listed in prefix1 you can still 
> search by the original full name:
> Road name: Avenida de la Calle Mayor
> prefix1:es = "Alameda", "Avenida", "Calle", "Callecita", "Paseo" (or 
> "Alameda", "Calle", "Avenida", "Callecita", "Paseo")
> You can search both Avenida de la Calle Mayor and Calle Mayor
> Perhaps that can give a clue to include original name in all cases
> El 14/06/17 a las 15:11, Alexandre Folle de Menezes escribió:
>> Hola Carlos,
>> I see that you are listing the prefixes in alphabetic order.  I 
>> believe it would be way more efficient to put the most common 
>> prefixes first.
>> For Portuguese, that would be (as I suggested in a previous message):
>> -# portugese
>> -prefix1:pt = "Rua", "Avenida", "Travessa"
>> -prefix2:pt = "da ", "do ", "de ", "das ", "dos "
>> +# portuguese
>> +prefix1:pt = "Rua", "Avenida", "Travessa", "Alameda", "Beco"
>> +prefix2:pt = "da ", "do ", "das ", "dos ", "de ", "d'"
>> Saludos,
>>     Alexandre
>> Em 13/06/2017 18:19, Carlos Dávila escreveu:
>>> El 12/06/17 a las 06:22, svn commit escribió:
>>>> Version mkgmap-r3971 was committed by gerd on Mon, 12 Jun 2017
>>>> - roadNameConfig_v1.patch by Carlos Davida which adds more 
>>>> countries and languages
>>>> - Improve comments
>>> Attached is version 2 of roadNameConfig.patch
>>> I'm working in the completion of roadNameConfig file. I think if I 
>>> could somehow get a file with the list of road names in a map I 
>>> could advance faster in this task. Is there any tool to get it in 
>>> the display project?
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