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[mkgmap-dev] Address search issues

From Bartosz Fabianowski bartosz at fabianowski.eu on Mon Mar 21 20:37:08 GMT 2011

> Have you tried to find roads in mapsource/basecamp?

I did try in MapSource, yes. With the map of Turin only that I had 
yesterday, street search in MapSource was as broken as it is on my 
Vista. With the full map of Italy now, street search appears to work in 
MapSource. Cities are auto-completed and so are street names. But it 
remains broken on the Vista.

> How they look like?

The streets are drawn in white on a gray background. All streets are 
labeled with names and can be found successfully in MapSource.

> Have you installed your map with the mapinstaller from garmin?

I mad a Windows installed from the NSIS script that mkgmap spit out, 
installed that and sent the map to my Vista through MapSource.

- Bartosz

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