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[mkgmap-dev] Latest List of OSM to GarminIDs

From Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com on Wed Oct 13 02:28:34 BST 2010

Hi all,

I'm hoping that im being of some help here :)

For those who might not know, im taking on the challenge of trying to
organize all of the Map Features into a universal system.
I'm calling it 'SchemaTroll 2.01'

I have now completed an analysis of the Garmin Map Features, and
created a spreadsheet which lists it all.

I used
- for the icons and feature categories
the mkgmap .csv file from the 'mkgmap-r1709-src'  and cross-referenced
the big list of Map features, with the smaller list of OSM tags that
it supports.
http://www.geopainting.com/en/ - GPSMapEdit provides a nice detailed
category listing for each map feature. .. and in it's 0x#### form.
So it was easy to match-up the GarminID's with the mkgmap ID's ... as
some where switched around.
http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/mapLegend.html - has a
detailed list of all the map features that gets supported (for

I also included 2 columns for 'SchemaTroll KEY' and SchemaTroll Value'
 these are where i simply went through it and guessed as to what the
tags could possibly be in the future.

For the OSM Map Features, there are a few (a whole lot) of Tag
Proposals that need to be made.  So i'm leaving that upto the Wikians
to fix up the wiki.   I'm just trying to help it along.

Ideally, it would be great to see an OSM tag for each of the Garmin
Map Features, as the map can actually support the customized map, of
upto 700 or so features.
I noticed that many features are duplicated across different Garmin
ID's and Many Garmin ID's support multiple OSM tags.

So basically, im trying to get the whole chart filled in, with the
best known map features, and using the Wiki as the primary source.
And over on my version of the Spreadsheet, im keeping a list of
Features that need to be proposed, and updating my own spreadsheet.
Which i hope to make available in the next month or so.  (it's going
through so many changes) :)

For those who know how to use Gitorious I just converted the file to
.csv and Pushed the latest changes

and here's the GoogleDocs Chart


Hopefully someone will find some use for it :)


P.S How often does the osm map features .csv file get updated?

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