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[mkgmap-dev] splitter error using --cache option

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at jemila.jazztel.es on Mon Aug 24 17:31:55 BST 2009

Chris Miller escribió:
> Hi Carlos,
> This is something I'm aware of but haven't yet had time to address. It's 
> because (currently) the cache can only be generated during the first stage 
> when the areas.list file is also being generated. If you supply areas.list 
> and use --cache at the same time, the splitter assumes the cache has already 
> been generated, hence the reason you're seeing this error. It's on my todo 
> list to allow cache generation to occur during the second stage too if need 
> be, I just didn't think anyone would encounter this situation before I had 
> a solution in place. Guess I was wrong! :)  To be honest though if you already 
> have an areas.list file and are only making one pass over the XML file during 
> the splitting stage, there's no benefit to using the --cache parameter at 
> all unless you perform multiple runs of the splitter (even with different 
> areas.list files - all that matters is the original .osm file being split 
> is the same). Is that what you want to do?
Currently I only run splitter once on europe.osm to extract Spain,
Portugal and South of France, but depending on the performance with the
cache may be I run it later to extract other countries. Thanks for the
> For now your options are to either generate the cache by running the splitter 
> once with no --split-file parameter, or running without the --cache option.
> Sorry for any inconvenience!
No problem
> Chris
> CD> I have used successfully new splitter when no --split_file is given,
> CD> but
> CD> if I use an existing areas.list splitter looks for cached files and
> CD> they
> CD> don't exist; see below:

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