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Unicode searching. Now you can.


For quite some time it has been possible to build a map using unicode to display characters in various languages.

Now searching should also work in versions r3294 and later.

All of Western, Central and Eastern European characters should be available as well as Arabic, Greek and various others. It is unlikely to work with Chinese characters and that will require further investigation.

Ensure that you are using the options --code-page=65001 --index --route as well any others that you need.

Posted by steve on 18 Jun 2014

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r4000 fix possible NPE when POI for overview map has no label.
    09 dec 2017
  • display-r510 - simplify prediction code.
    08 dec 2017
  • display-r509 fix possible division by zero ArithmeticException.
    06 dec 2017
  • display-r508 - fix problem with signed / unsigned byte values.
    06 dec 2017
  • display-r507 remove more dead or debug code, small changes in interpretation of header data.
    05 dec 2017
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