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Improved splitter


Splitter now has a new split algorithm that usually results in fewer, more evenly sized tiles.

The test generator is > 10 times faster. This allows a deeper search for good splits. A few errors where fixed which sometimes prohibited to find a good split, but also sometimes helped to find one.

A new option --search-limit can be used to increase/decrease the amount of time the splitter tries to find a good split. The larger the input file the higher this value should be. For planet, --search-limit=1000000 is okay, --search-limit=10000000 is better.

Posted by steve on 25 May 2014

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r4000 fix possible NPE when POI for overview map has no label.
    09 dec 2017
  • display-r510 - simplify prediction code.
    08 dec 2017
  • display-r509 fix possible division by zero ArithmeticException.
    06 dec 2017
  • display-r508 - fix problem with signed / unsigned byte values.
    06 dec 2017
  • display-r507 remove more dead or debug code, small changes in interpretation of header data.
    05 dec 2017
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