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Splitter version r385


Version r385 of splitter is a large update.

All the dependent libraries have been upgraded to later versions, so make sure that you install the complete package. This might affect you if you don't download the complete distribution or install in some unusual way.

A summary of the visible changes follows:

  • Improved error handling: most I/O errors like corrupted or missing files will now stop the program instead of just printing error messages, and producing a useless result
  • Working with pbf files is faster because of the updated libraries.
  • Splitting large files is faster because of some improvements in the branch
  • Lots of internal changes in the code.
Posted by steve on 23 May 2014

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r4000 fix possible NPE when POI for overview map has no label.
    09 dec 2017
  • display-r510 - simplify prediction code.
    08 dec 2017
  • display-r509 fix possible division by zero ArithmeticException.
    06 dec 2017
  • display-r508 - fix problem with signed / unsigned byte values.
    06 dec 2017
  • display-r507 remove more dead or debug code, small changes in interpretation of header data.
    05 dec 2017
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