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Build mkgmap/mkgmap #650

Commit: 4286 by gerd
Branch: trunk
Time: 16 Apr 2019, 6:42 a.m.
Total time: 5 min 17 sec

mdr5.patch by Ticker Berkin: "If you have a map with cities but no streets, MDR5 sets the flag that indicates MDR20 indexes are present, and writes an erroneous byte after each record. Attached patch fixes and adds some more flag documentation."

  • java=jdk8, python=default
    2 min 15 sec
  • java=openjdk8, python=default
    1 min 22 sec
  • java=openjdk11, python=default
    1 min 38 sec

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r4287 simplify code, no functional change.
    05 jun 2019
  • mkgmap-r4286 mdr5.patch by Ticker Berkin:.
    16 apr 2019
  • mkgmap-r4285 add tag mkgmap:way-length for each POI generated from a line when option --add-pois-to-lines is used. It gives the way length ....
    07 apr 2019
  • mkgmap-r4284 let test-map:all-elements set the transparent flag, use 0x1b instead of 0x51 for background.
    27 mar 2019
  • mkgmap-r4283 document special case with relative path for option input-file given in a config file like template.args.
    08 mar 2019
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