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Build mkgmap/mkgmap #622

Commit: 4262 by gerd
Branch: trunk
Time: 11 Jan 2019, 9:35 a.m.
Total time: 3 min 37 sec

improve default style (defaultStyleTidy3e.patch by Ticker Berkin with small modifications) A few minor layout tidy-ups Add GBR section to inc/access_country Do aeroway=runway/taxiway/taxilane as lines unless marked as area=yes and show these lines even when also a highway Ignore more highways when abandoned/disused/demolished Ignore more highway tags that are not suitable for routing Convert highway=steps/corridor/stepping_stones/elevator/escalator/platform to footway with bicycle=no and remove later test for steps Convert highway=crossing/virtual to path Don't convert footway to cycleway, but more rules to convert path to footway/cycleway/bridleway Add footway around man_made=pier even if area=yes Fix common bad tagging for highway= by converting to the presumed values Put routable path around highway=pedestrian closed areas; squares/plazas often don't have other routing joining all entry/exit ways. Similarly for footway. Then continue to allow any polygon processing Handle some rarer highway types by converting to more generic type Show any other water lines Removed all the {set cityxx/tmp:city}, & cityxx/tmp:city!=yes, continue with_actions bits from place=city/town... Group the rules amenity=restaurant/fast_food, cuisine= to clarify, simplify and show better how it relates Garmin "Food & Drink" search and add some more cuisines. One effect of this is that amenity=fast_food,cuisine=pizza/grill moves to the "Fast Food" category. The other effect is that an element that is both a Restaurant and a Lodging now shows as Lodging rather than Restaurant For leisure=* where sport might be involved, show the sport if no name available Show canal/lock as 0x6505 (Water Features>Canal) Show aeroway=runway/taxiway/taxilane as polygon only if marked as area=yes Increase resolution that amenity=cafe/fast_food/restaurant polygons show at Show place=suburb Alternative rule to show highway=pedestrian as square/plaza unless explicit area=no. highway=footway show as square/plaza if explicit area=yes Don't assume any other closed highway is parking area, just services/rest_area Show more historic=* Show drydock, canal & lock differently from standard natural=water, and use a different code for small lakes Show any other water area Show all man_made=* unless explicit area=no

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  • java=openjdk11, python=default
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Latest commits

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    05 jun 2019
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    16 apr 2019
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    07 apr 2019
  • mkgmap-r4284 let test-map:all-elements set the transparent flag, use 0x1b instead of 0x51 for background.
    27 mar 2019
  • mkgmap-r4283 document special case with relative path for option input-file given in a config file like template.args.
    08 mar 2019
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