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[mkgmap-dev] improve appeareance of footways leading to missing buildings

From jose1711 jose1711 at freeshell.de on Sun Jan 9 22:59:42 GMT 2022

hello all,

my etrex legend has only 8 mb available for custom maps so sacrificing 
buildings is an obvious choice. just removing the buildings from the 
style however results in something like this:

see that comb-shaped ways? those are usually bits leading to building 
entrances (here's the source: 
https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/48.75978/17.82890). frankly, i 
don't really need them as they don't really carry any important 

douglas-pecker does not help here so i wonder if anyone has an idea how 
this can be optimized. i still want to retain the footways, just don't 
want them to be too "hairy".

if this is not an easy task and involves too much coding then i will 
probably give up but before that i just wanted to ask if anyone has any 

thank you,

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