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Boundary and Sea files

These files are used to improve the sea areas and address information.

Boundary file for --bounds option bounds-latest.zip
Sea file for --precomp-sea option sea-latest.zip

Other builds

These snapshots are created automatically when ever a change is commited, so you can try out the latest code straight away. It should take less than 5 minutes for the build and test to be completed. The build will only appear if the automatic tests pass.

Branch builds

These jar files are latest builds of recent development branches. They are useful if you want to quickly test a branch without having obtain and build it. The source code is available via subversion.

As this is an automatic process, some of the branches might be already merged with the main line, or abandoned and of course they may not work.

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r4807 fix possible NPE when --keep-going is used in combination with an input file that doesn't exist.
    14 sep 2021
  • mkgmap-r4806 missing brackets: fix NullPointerException when option --pois-to-areas-placement is used with invalid args like.
    10 aug 2021
  • mkgmap-r4805 split route center if last offset in TableC (route restrictions) size is >= 0x8000.
    07 aug 2021
  • mkgmap-r4804 log also the cause of a "Bad file format".
    07 aug 2021
  • mkgmap-r4803 (faster-mp) - remove accidentially committed debug code which writes gpx files when ShapeSplitter shows error message.
    11 jul 2021
  • mkgmap-r4802 lower severity level for ShapeSplitter "split failed" message.
    08 jul 2021
  • mkgmap-r4801 sample.cfg was not copied to dist.
    04 jul 2021
  • mkgmap-r4800 improve unit test.
    01 jul 2021
  • mkgmap-r4799 add missing copyright info to extracted class.
    01 jul 2021
  • mkgmap-r4798 - add Xlint to all compile targets.
    01 jul 2021
  • mkgmap-r4797 (faster-mp) replace deprecated Class.newInstance() by Class.getDeclaredConstructor().newInstance();.
    01 jul 2021
  • mkgmap-r4796 (faster-mp) fix deprecation warnings with IntArrayList.
    01 jul 2021
  • mkgmap-r4795 (faster-mp) don't render natural=coastline.
    27 jun 2021
  • mkgmap-r4794 (faster-mp) merge from trunk r4793.
    26 jun 2021
  • mkgmap-r4793 revert major bug in relation handling that was introduced with r4784 in the low-res-opt branch.
    26 jun 2021
  • mkgmap-r4792 (faster-mp) merge from trunk.
    25 jun 2021
  • mkgmap-r4791 prevent possible IndexOutOfBoundsException in ShapeMergeFilter.
    25 jun 2021
  • mkgmap-r4790 (faster-mp) add work-around for self-intersecting polygons created by the DouglasPeuckerFilter.
    23 jun 2021
  • mkgmap-r4789 (faster-mp) remove unintended code difference to trunk.
    23 jun 2021
  • mkgmap-r4788 (faster-mp) merge from trunk (MultiPolygonRelation.java was done manually).
    23 jun 2021
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