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[mkgmap-dev] Which options apply when.

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Tue Nov 3 23:30:51 GMT 2020

Hi Karl,

 > But how about creating indices (--net, --index, --split-name-index,
 > --road-name-config=filename)?

--net is about putting address data into *.img tiles, so this is your 
step 2. Others are about creating index file *_mdr.img, this is done in 
step 3.

 > How about using the same tiles, but applying different TYP to each
 > created gmapsupp.img?

TYP is combined with *.img, you do it in step 3. You can add any TYP to 
any set of *img. Technically TYP is linked to img by FID/ProductCode and 
family-id/product-id. Probably mkgmap fills FID/PID into TYP file in 
step 3, but I have no experience with this process.

 > It would be great if documentation could give some hints to when the
 > various options are applied or when they can be best applied.

You can simply create a config file with all options and use it in all 

Best regards,

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