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[mkgmap-dev] Which options apply when.

From 7770 7770 at foskan.eu on Tue Nov 3 18:15:12 GMT 2020


I am trying to understand how i can minimise the number of runs over the same 
data by running
1. splitter.
2. mkgmap to compile map tiles.
3. mkgmap to combine tiles into a gmapsupp.img file, possibly adding a TYP file.

Say now that i want to create a few different maps from the same data.
Splitting once looks fine for all cases.

Applying styles (for lines, polygons, points) happens in step 2.

But how about creating indices (--net, --index, --split-name-index, --road-
Is that part of second step or can it be pushed to third step?
Would it make any difference in processing time?

How about using the same tiles, but applying different TYP to each created 
Will that work well at step 3 given that different --mapname=name are set or 
will that not work well when placing multiple img files on the same device 
because something else is missing from an earlier step?

It would be great if documentation could give some hints to when the various 
options are applied or when they can be best applied.


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