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[mkgmap-dev] Excluding words from index using x-mdr7-excl

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Mon May 25 08:57:07 BST 2020

Joris Bo wrote
> So I like to focus on the option --x-mdr7-excl="weg,street,road"

I suggest to look at the threads where this feature was discussed, see e.g.

Joris Bo wrote
>   *   Am I correct that poi-index and address search index are two
> different indexes with two independent/different approaches for keeping
> them smaller?


Joris Bo wrote
>   *   Does this x-mdr7-excl  option only affects address search and not
> the poi search?


Joris Bo wrote
>   *   Can I use a config file for it (I'm now trying to use
> -read-config=c:\x-mdr7-excl.config and within this file  I use 
> x-mdr7-excl="weg,street,road"
>   *   but this feels like pretty soon I'll bounce on some length limits?
>   *   As far as I tried now it does not accept a path name

right, only the documented list of values is supported

Joris Bo wrote
>   *   Will this approach really helps me to make the index smaller by
> cleaning all the 'rue,de,la,le,van,von,road,weg,square,platz,lane' words?

In combination with --split-name-index it should reduce the size. No idea
how much.  

Joris Bo wrote
>   *   Does it somehow conflict with the split-name-index?

I think it only makes sense in combination with that option.

Joris Bo wrote
>   *   Can I open the index osmmap_mdr.img? in excel or other tool to
> analyse the effects of my work (now I'm testing trough my Oregon which is
> extremely time consuming and a source of noise)

For develpment we use the display tool which converts the *.IMG format to a
readable text format. Still, the index is a list of lists, each sorted in a
very special way. The lists contain either pointers into other lists or
pointers into map tiles (or both). The display tool adds some texts to help
understanding what these pointers mean. I is used like this:
java -ea  -Xmx6800m -cp
test.display.MdrDisplay --print=7 2019-2_mdr.img
Here is a small extract of the result:
         |        |                         | Record 10013
0048330c | 015ffc | 14                      | 20 map number
0048330d | 015ffd | 5f 34 81                | Pointer back into LBL: 01345f
00483310 | 016000 | 28 6c 20                | Pointer to string: AM
00483313 | 016003 | 00                      | name offset 0
00483314 | 016004 | 01                      | N sort seq p=0   s=0  
         |        |                         |  
         |        |                         | Record 10014
00483315 | 016005 | 19                      | 25 map number
00483316 | 016006 | 99 84 80                | Pointer back into LBL: 008499
00483319 | 016009 | 27 e2 28                | Pointer to string: THEATER AM
0048331c | 01600c | 08                      | name offset 8
0048331d | 01600d | 00                      | R sort seq p=0   s=0  
         |        |                         |  
         |        |                         | Record 10015
0048331e | 01600e | 0b                      | 11 map number
0048331f | 01600f | 6b 18 80                | Pointer back into LBL: 00186b
00483322 | 016012 | cc a9 11                | Pointer to string: AM
00483325 | 016015 | 00                      | name offset 0
00483326 | 016016 | 01                      | N sort seq p=0   s=0  

Joris Bo wrote
>   *   If lets say the word 'Road' is removed from the index and I search
> for 'Main' to find the 'Main Road' will the search-result still display
> the original full name 'Main Road' or just the part 'Main' which was
> indexed?

Good question. It seems this depends on the device. You have to try.

Joris Bo wrote
>   *   Indexing highway refs seems less important to me in this situation,
> any idea how I could filter them out.

No good one.

Joris Bo wrote
>   *   It looks like if I have two maps overlapping the same area on my
> Oregon, it searches both indexes, displaying two results, even if I only
> have one of the maps enabled?

Yes,, I have the same problem. While testing you should rename the other
*.img files to e.g. *.img_

Joris Bo wrote
>   *   One of my (disabled) overlapping maps is a occasionally used
> transparent contourlines map. Regarding the previous finding: are
> contourlines and their number/names indexed ?

I don't think so.

Joris Bo wrote
>   *   Will basecamp mapinstall rebuild the indexes when transferring the
> map? I think I see some hints about this passing by when transferring
> large maps. Probably throwing all this effort away?

yes, probably

Joris Bo wrote
> Probably easily to be solved by placing a gmapsupp.img manually.

yes, probably

Joris Bo wrote
> Hopefully not to many questions at once,

Quite a lot, hope my answers helped. I've uploaded the display tool binary
Use it with small test maps containing maybe 5 tiles. 50 tiles is the
maximum for some sub programs like 


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