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[mkgmap-dev] Excluding words from index using x-mdr7-excl

From Joris Bo jorisbo at hotmail.com on Mon May 25 07:45:54 BST 2020


Searching my Oregon almost becomes impassable due to my usage of big maps and detail.
So I like to test what I can do with the search index.

Maybe somebody can give me some quick directions or confirmations before I spent to much time on a dead end?
I personally don't like the idea of the road-name-config=filename  because it also changes the names on the map itself
So I like to focus on the option --x-mdr7-excl="weg,street,road"

  *   Am I correct that poi-index and address search index are two different indexes with two independent/different approaches for keeping them smaller?
  *   Does this x-mdr7-excl  option only affects address search and not the poi search?
  *   Can I use a config file for it (I'm now trying to use -read-config=c:\x-mdr7-excl.config and within this file  I use  x-mdr7-excl="weg,street,road"

  *   but this feels like pretty soon I'll bounce on some length limits?
  *   As far as I tried now it does not accept a path name

  *   Will this approach really helps me to make the index smaller by cleaning all the 'rue,de,la,le,van,von,road,weg,square,platz,lane' words?
  *   Does it somehow conflict with the split-name-index?
  *   Can I open the index osmmap_mdr.img? in excel or other tool to analyse the effects of my work (now I'm testing trough my Oregon which is extremely time consuming and a source of noise)
  *   If lets say the word 'Road' is removed from the index and I search for 'Main' to find the 'Main Road' will the search-result still display the original full name 'Main Road' or just the part 'Main' which was indexed?
  *   Indexing highway refs seems less important to me in this situation, any idea how I could filter them out.

  *   It looks like if I have two maps overlapping the same area on my Oregon, it searches both indexes, displaying two results, even if I only have one of the maps enabled?
  *   One of my (disabled) overlapping maps is a occasionally used transparent contourlines map. Regarding the previous finding: are contourlines and their number/names indexed ?
  *   Will basecamp mapinstall rebuild the indexes when transferring the map? I think I see some hints about this passing by when transferring large maps. Probably throwing all this effort away?

Probably easily to be solved by placing a gmapsupp.img manually.

Hopefully not to many questions at once,
Thanx in advance,
Kind regards,
Joris Bo

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