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[mkgmap-dev] Open question reg. new nearby-poi options

From AnkEric ankeric.osm at gmail.com on Thu May 7 14:25:01 BST 2020

I missed the [motor_vehicle=no] on the residential (south way only).
My example should haven been without any access tags on the highways.
Just: [highway=residential] + [barrier=bollard] in the middle.

But you have "removed the tag motor_vehicle=no from way"

Oké, so: your test is okay!

-  NODE: [barrier=bollard] + [motor_vehicle=no]
- nearby-poi-rules
- NODE: [motor_vehicle=no]
So: only [barrier=bollard] was deleted from node?

So not all tags {deletealltags} are deleted, only the POI tag?!!
Oké than routing - restriction (!) - is not effected by nearby-poi-rules.

But this also implies name=* is left on node (if name is set).
How will Map render a node having name only?
Osmose and JOSM regards this as warning: "missing tag - incomplete object:
only name".

Also (but OT):
The barrier rendered is a - visual - justification for GPS refusing to Route
over this highway.
If the barrier is missing (not rendered by nearby-poi-rules) than I might
assume this is an "Unconnected ways" error and I can go there by ignoring
I won't understand why routing is not possible.
So "visual navigation" might be effected by nearby-poi-rules. Walking the
dog over a cattle grid is another example. 

> So, unless your Garmin navi interprets the POI itself as a routing
> restriction there really should be no effect on routing.
Unless I'm very mistaken:
mkgmap was updated several years ago as to "interprets the POI itself as a
routing restriction" (Instruction by openfietsmap).
My navi is innocent.

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