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[mkgmap-dev] Open question reg. new nearby-poi options

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Thu May 7 15:33:30 BST 2020

Hi Eric,

the link-pois-to-ways option works like this:
1) Before (!) style processing all nodes with a highway=* or barrier=* tag are marked as special nodes when they are also referenced by a way. They are Points Of Interest, but in a very different way. The ways which reference the special node also store this information as well.
2) After style processing the special nodes are checked again regarding the access tags. This happens even when the points file doesn't generate a map object.
If the style generates a map object this is also called a POI, but that POI is stored in a different data structure and the removal has no influence on the processing of the special node.
A barrier=* node that is not connected to any way can still be redererd as a POI.

I already wrote that I consider it a bad idea to remove POI from the map when they represent a routing restriction.
When Mike posted the first patch I thought about an experience on a cycle tour where a search for the next hotel only showed various similar entries for a bunch of tourism=guest_house all located in a small area, probably a camp_site. I had to scroll down two pages to find something else. So, that would be my first candidate to try this option.


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I missed the [motor_vehicle=no] on the residential (south way only).
My example should haven been without any access tags on the highways.
Just: [highway=residential] + [barrier=bollard] in the middle.

But you have "removed the tag motor_vehicle=no from way"

Oké, so: your test is okay!

-  NODE: [barrier=bollard] + [motor_vehicle=no]
- nearby-poi-rules
- NODE: [motor_vehicle=no]
So: only [barrier=bollard] was deleted from node?

So not all tags {deletealltags} are deleted, only the POI tag?!!
Oké than routing - restriction (!) - is not effected by nearby-poi-rules.

But this also implies name=* is left on node (if name is set).
How will Map render a node having name only?
Osmose and JOSM regards this as warning: "missing tag - incomplete object:
only name".

Also (but OT):
The barrier rendered is a - visual - justification for GPS refusing to Route
over this highway.
If the barrier is missing (not rendered by nearby-poi-rules) than I might
assume this is an "Unconnected ways" error and I can go there by ignoring
I won't understand why routing is not possible.
So "visual navigation" might be effected by nearby-poi-rules. Walking the
dog over a cattle grid is another example.

> So, unless your Garmin navi interprets the POI itself as a routing
> restriction there really should be no effect on routing.
Unless I'm very mistaken:
mkgmap was updated several years ago as to "interprets the POI itself as a
routing restriction" (Instruction by openfietsmap).
My navi is innocent.

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