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[mkgmap-dev] highway=* with area=yes

From Gerd Petermann GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Thu Apr 5 14:11:10 BST 2018

Hi all,

in Italy I found a lot of closed ways with e.g. highway=residential & area=yes, like here:

I think they were created before area:highway=* was established and probably should be changed to that.
I wondered why the default style creates routable lines for them while 
e.g. highway=pedestrian & area=yes is ignored for routing.
I assume the problem is that there are also ways like this:
If that way would be ignored for routing the connection to the track is lost.

The major difference between the two samples is that there is a "real" highway=residential going through the 1st:

Wouldn't it be good if mkgmap could detect this somehow?
For these ways around 48017634 this is quite difficult because the "real" highway is not even connected to the area way.


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