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[mkgmap-dev] Thoughts about dest_hints (in roundabouts)

From Harri Suomalainen hsuomal at welho.com on Sat Apr 7 19:04:55 BST 2018

I've been investigating dest_hints for a couple days and finally got 
working. (special road types 0x08 and 0x09 got me badly at first).

I'm wondering why is this implemented only for ways starting from 
motorway_junction node (if I understood the code well). I think it could 
be very usefull to get hints in for example roads coming from 
roundabouts. (no exit junction hint is needed there but destination hint 
would make routing directions sometimes easier if one got "towards that 
an that" -type text)

Any ideas if this could be an easy and usefull improvement?
Chears, Harri

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