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[mkgmap-dev] Sub Descriptions in gmapsupps

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Fri Jul 4 21:27:30 BST 2014


> MPS record 0x46 ('F') contains family name and FID/PID values.
> Record 0x50 ('P') contains FID/PID values and some flags. 'P' could mean
> "Product".

We have an F record but not a P record. I believe that P is a newer
record, as it is not present in gmapsupp produced by early versions
of mapsource - or perhaps there is something that has to be
present in the input to make it appear.

> The name "mp4" is placed in img header. In my opinion it should be
> repeated in MPS subfile as a record 'V'. I think Mapsorce and Mapinstall
> do that.

We add a V record, it defaults to the string 'OSM map set'.  This
can be changed with the mapset-name option (which has to be written
as --x-mapset-name='hello world' as it is not in the options file).

So I suppose that 'OSM map set' is not appearing and maybe it
needs the P record to be present for it to be used?


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