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[mkgmap-dev] Sub Descriptions in gmapsupps

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Thu Jul 3 20:46:08 BST 2014

Hi Nick,

MPS record 0x46 ('F') contains family name and FID/PID values.
Record 0x50 ('P') contains FID/PID values and some flags. 'P' could mean 

Since Mapsource an MapInstall add both records I would do the same, but 
maybe 'P' is not obligatory. Or it is some depreciated form?

The name "mp4" is placed in img header. In my opinion it should be 
repeated in MPS subfile as a record 'V'. I think Mapsorce and Mapinstall 
do that.

Mapsource allows to set this name, when creating gmapsupp.img. Default 
value are names tiles used for gmapsupp. Mapinstall uses always default 

You can modify names in gmapsupp.img using some programs like GMapTool.

Best regards,

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