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[mkgmap-dev] Unicode maps showing locked or not found on GPS units

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Wed Jul 2 08:04:14 BST 2014

 From some forums I saw that Edge 800 also does not seem to accept 
Unicode maps on newest firmware anymore. That would indicate unicode 
maps will currently be blocked on any unit as soon as it receives a new 
firmware... (if firmware will be released soon, or has been released 
within the last ~20 days.).
On 30.06.2014 12:30, Felix Hartmann wrote:
> Hi, could some people please test with their maps using unicode on 
> their GPS (--code-page=65001) and maybe also report FID (family-ID) 
> used for maps.
> I have the problem that some users report the maps show up as locked!
> (maps created with mkgmap version 3300 as of June 18)
> So far problematic:
> Garmin GPSMaps 64 - FID 6371 - sent from Mac OSx Basecamp/Map Install.
> Garmin Edge 1000 - FID=6531 - sent via??
> Works as tested below ( sent via Mapsource, Mapinstall (Windows) and 
> gmapsupp.img created by mkgmap.jar (java 1.7 windows) ):
> Garmin Oregon 600 - FID 6365 works...
> Garmin etrex 30 - FID 6365, works...
> Works without problems as long as no code-page other than latin1 
> characters are in the map AND is sent via Mapsource or MapInstall 
> (Windows) - does not work if gmapsupp.img created by mkgmap! Problems 
> - even German Umlauts (ÖÄÜ or "french" accents like é) are not 
> displayed correctly anymore (instead split into two funky looking 
> characters). Therefore for old units --latin1 is still the better 
> option for old devices for most european countries.
> Garmin Vista HCx - FID=6365
> So it's clear that there is something wrong in the way mkgmap.jar 
> creates gmapsupp.img for maps with Unicode - though it does work for 
> newer devices with full unicode support. Mind though I did not check 
> on the unit itself if cyrillic or arrabic script is actually working.
> BTW 2. -- It would be great if there is a short-code like --latin1 for 
> unicode too! E.g. --unicode instead of --code-page=65001, just for 
> simplicity...

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