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[mkgmap-dev] How to remove an index from an existing map

From Bernhard Hiller bhil at gmx.de on Wed Jul 2 18:57:28 BST 2014

Whenever more than one map exists on an Oregon, the indices of all those 
maps are used for POI search reagrdless if the maps are "enabled" or not.

When the areas of maps do overlap, several POIs are listed twice (or 
even more often depending on the number of maps).
Since I use some POI codes differently from the standard (combined with 
my own "language pack"), this leads to even more confusion.

Hence I'd like to know if - and how - and index can be removed from an 
existing map.
In case that the gmapsupp.img file is created from precompiled tiles 
(e.g. VeloMap), is it possible to change the commandline such that the 
gmapsupp won't contain an index (no, just omitting the --index option 
does not do the trick, despite a file size of 330 MB vs. 337 MB fro 

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