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[mkgmap-dev] Unicode maps showing locked or not found on GPS units

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Tue Jul 1 14:04:55 BST 2014

Having the .typ-file changed by gmaptool to unicode doesn't change 
anything for map authentication.... So - the error is not related to the 
.typ-file as expected...
On 01.07.2014 09:14, Felix Hartmann wrote:
> On 30.06.2014 13:35, Andrzej Popowski wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Garmin is changing something in their map locking system. I think 
>> this is connected with Unicode maps. Please check if original Garmin 
>> maps work with these device, for example Winter Activity Map:
>> http://www.garmin.com/uk/maps/onthetrail#apps
>> And please report any problem to Garmin support.
> No problem for the free winter activity map. It loads on Edge 1000.... 
> So only mkgmap created Unicode maps are showing up as locked...
> I'll still report back if the maps using .typ-file also in unicode 
> work - but yes I doubt that this small change will make them work.

keep on biking and discovering new trails

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