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[mkgmap-dev] Draw Order, Precompiled sea and Mapsource

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Sat Dec 29 18:51:36 GMT 2012

Hi Roger,

which combinations did not work?

I guess it has something to do with the draw order that sometimes seems 
to be a matter of order how the data is added to the img files.

Precompiled sea does not differ from using the data directly from the 
input files. The advantage is that precompiled sea can guarantee no 
flooding due to wrong data in the input files and it is a bit faster 
because some calculation steps are already performed during the 


> I am having problems with viaducts and road bridges over tidal water not
> appearing in Mapsource, though they do appear in Basecamp and on my
> 60CSx. I suspect this is a draw order problem, and it may be related to
> Precompiled Sea, and/or to my inclusion of a GBGrid file.
> I gather Mapsource draw order depends on Mapname. Does the Precompiled
> Sea have a Mapname built in to mkgmap? Or can/should it be given one? Is
> it transparent? Should it appear before or after other input files?
> Some combinations of input show the bridges but not the grid lines where
> they cross the sea, others show the gridlines but not the bridges.
> Transparent seems to make no difference. The only sequence I have found
> which shows both grid lines and bridges over sea is:
> mapname:60000002
> description: Grid-File
> input-file: GBGrid.osm
> precomp-sea=..\resources\sea
> mapname: 60000001
> description: GB-Carlisle
> input-file: 60923011.osm.pbf
> input-file: ..\resources\style.txt
> Any guidance would be welcome.
> Thanks,
> Roger
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> Roger Calvert
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