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[mkgmap-dev] Idea: map layers (multiple output tiles per input tile)

From Martin Simon grenzdebil at gmail.com on Sun Apr 10 13:22:33 BST 2011

2011/4/10 Felix Hartmann <extremecarver at gmail.com>:
>> Same here. My only issue with QLandkarteGT is the inability to plan
>> routes.
>> Again, the old way of doing things would not be going away. This
>> multi-layer stuff would remain compatible with existing styles and
>> scripts. To take advantage of it, you would have to edit the styles and
>> scripts.
> I'ld actually rather have the opposite. Get mkgmap to accept multiple
> input files and merge them into the "same layer". That way one could
> take 2 osm files, or one 1polish map, one osm, or one .img and one .osm
> (say one contourlines, one normal map) and join them into one map.

What's the benefit?

> Qlandkarte has gone a long way, but still Mapsource draws the maps
> better looking, quicker and autorouting and generall track planning is
> much quicker.

On Linux? Serious question - when I get it to run on wine, it's dead
slow and draws ugly, blurred tiles.

> Also currently Mapsource is needed for sending maps to GPS where you
> want to have address search.

Right, but only few people take this workaround just to have
half-working addresses on their devices, I guess.

> What you're proposing might be appealing to a very small minority, but
> for 99% of openstreetmap maps in Garmin format, they wouldn't even
> understand, and furthermore cause loads of support trouble.

What are you talking about? Map users? map authors? What support? What
kind of trouble?

Cool statistics. My own guess: "99%" of users just want to throw a
gmapsupp.img onto their device and use that.
"99%" of the remaining 1% don't care if mapsource draws all layers
correctly. ;-)

> For it to work nice IMHO the following points would need to be done to
> Qlandkarte GT before it's really worthwile:
> 1. Get rid of the stupid yellow points instead of POI symbols (well that
> is a thing I should write to qlandkarte mailinglist)

No yellow points here. Symbols from the .TYP file are displayed correctly.

> 2. implement autorouting for garmin .img maps

Would be nice, but there's already openrouteservice.org integration
for a start...

> 3. implement a WinGDB like route-/trackpoint adding mechanism so
> rerouting on GPS is fixed.

I don't understand that one...

> 4. get a nice GUI to manage layers both for viewing and for selecting
> what to send to GPS

Yes, would be nice, but not really necessary...

> 5. get qlandkarte GT to correctly create the address index for GPS

Would be better to have this in mkgmap, don't you think?

> Points 2-5 are all points that Oliver isn't interested in, so it's
> rather on the people wanting to have multilayered maps to implement it
> into Qlandkarte GT.

It's on the people who want these features, I, personally, can live
comfortably without them.
I (and many others) could even live entirely without programs like
mapsource and Qlandkarte - my usage of OSM Garmin maps for 99%  takes
place on the device, outdoors.

Is it just me or do you try to prevent a feature just because *you*
have no use for it?


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