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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap and garmin typ files

From Volker Bosch volker.bosch at t-online.de on Sun Dec 28 19:29:40 GMT 2008

Dear all,

first of all, I'd like to thank you for your work on the mkgmap project 
-- it is a very nice piece of software and very useful for me! 

I've created my own typ file (using cgpsmapper) and a related 
map-feature.csv file. This enables me to generate a map from the osm 
database for my eTrex Legend HCx especially for cycling (I've designed 
some special icons for POIs like cycle shops, bicycle parking etc. and 
new line types to distinguish between the various track types etc.). 
Everything worked fine as long as I used the old map-feature.csv 
(I use sendmap20.exe to merge the typ file into the *.img files 
generated by mkgmap). Recently I converted my map-feature.csv file 
into the new mkgmap style files because I'd liked the idea of the 
default_name feature and most of all the new feature of defining logic 
combinations of various tags -- thank you for these nice features! 

Unfortunately the generated garmin map does not show any of my newly defined
POIs and line types (mkgmap revision 828). Also I noticed that the *.img 
file, generated with the of map-feature.csv is significant longer than the 
*.img file, generated with my new style files. 

As I do not understand java (I'm an old-school ansi c programmer), I had no
success looking into the source code and therefore have to ask you: Does mkgmap 
ignore all POIs, lines and polygons which are not used by garmin? If yes, is 
there a way to disable this feature, e.g. by using a special command line option? 
If there is not yet such a command line option, might someone please be so
kind and implement this? Thank you very much!

*\Viele    --     Volker Bosch,  Humboldtstr.21, 70771 Leinf.-Echterdingen
**\ Gruesse  --     Tel:(0711)713967,  E-Mail: volker.bosch at t-online.de 
***\           --       http://www.s-line.de/homepages/bosch

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