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[mkgmap-dev] Solved: mkgmap and garmin typ files

From Volker Bosch volker.bosch at t-online.de on Tue Dec 30 19:18:05 GMT 2008

Dear all,

I solved the problem -- it was my mistake, I called mkgmap with the command
line option "--style-file" after the option "--input-file". Therefor mkgmap 
silently ignored my style file and used the default one. 

Another question, just for my understanding: How does mkgmap handle OSM tags
with multiple values separated by semicolon? For example an entry like this

  <tag k="highway" v="traffic_signals;crossing"/>

I know that entries like the one above are not conforming to the osm rules 
but unfortunately there are lots of them in the osm database. The intention 
of the authors is a logical OR operation. Perhaps it might be usefull if 
mkgmap expands entries like this so that they match
"highway=traffic_signals" and "highway=crossing"?

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