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[mkgmap-dev] Problem Generating gmapsupp.img

From Andrew Ayre andy at britishideas.com on Sat Dec 27 17:03:44 GMT 2008

Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
>  > Steve - any chance that support for this will be added to mkgmap?
> Yes, we need to add setting the draw priority and making the map 
> transparent.
> I can easily add an option to set the draw priority which I believe is 
> simply a case of
> setting a value in the TRE header.
> I am not so sure about the ins and outs of transparency.  I think it is 
> just a case
> of leaving out the background polygons.  At one time mkgmap didn't add 
> these and
> people said that the maps were transparent. However they didn't appear 
> to be so
> for me, so there may be more to it.  There is a flag that also appears to be
> something to do with transparency too.
> Anyway I will try those changes, and ask you to test it out if you don't 
> mind.
> It will be probably not be until the new year though.

Yes, I can definitely test it - looking forward to it!


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