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[mkgmap-dev] Problem Generating gmapsupp.img

From f.hartmann felixhartmann at fh-krems.eu on Sat Dec 27 12:19:51 GMT 2008

Transparency too is just a flag. Transparency needs to be done for each tile separately (you allways need one tile active that is not transparent, otherwise it looks a bit bad). Polygons should be added to the non-transparent base tile/layer. Draw Priority should rather be done for the whole mapset.

Steve Ratcliffe wrote:

> Steve - any chance that support for this will be added to mkgmap?

Yes, we need to add setting the draw priority and making the map transparent.
I can easily add an option to set the draw priority which I believe is simply a case of
setting a value in the TRE header.

I am not so sure about the ins and outs of transparency.  I think it is just a case
of leaving out the background polygons.  At one time mkgmap didn't add these and
people said that the maps were transparent. However they didn't appear to be so
for me, so there may be more to it.  There is a flag that also appears to be
something to do with transparency too.

Anyway I will try those changes, and ask you to test it out if you don't mind.
It will be probably not be until the new year though.


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