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[mkgmap-dev] Limit the number of highway shields in basecamp and gps

From Henning Scholland osm at hscholland.de on Mon Mar 12 11:52:32 GMT 2018

Hi Gerd,
Maybe it helps for brainstorming to understand how the Garmin-container
is working.

So far I understand we take osm-way, shifting each osm-node to closest
Garmin-node, this then is written somehow to the map. But how all these
information are stored. Is the way-geometry stored once and the linked
to routing-data and drawing-data, or are they independent?

Basically I'm thinking, if rendering-ways can be merged while
routing-way is splitted more detailed. I think this might improve the
rendering of labels. So far I know Garmin-Software later just place the
labels per way. So if we have a lot of small ways, there will be too
many labels.


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