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[mkgmap-dev] please test r3942

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Tue May 16 23:49:37 BST 2017

Hi Gerd,

I have compiled map of Poland using r3942, search looks OK in nuvi 1440, 
but we don't have characters like 'Æ' or 'ß', so I probably can't test 
your problem. I'm downloading data for Europe, will compile and test it 

The only glitch I have noticed is in Mapsource. It looks like index 
doesn't contain references to last word of street name. For example, 
there are streets "Marszałka Ferdynanda Focha" and "Aleja Grunwaldzka". 
I can search for "Ferdynanda Focha" but not for "Focha" alone. I can 
search for "Grunwaldzka", which exist in another location, but I won't 
find "Aleja Grunwaldzka" with that search. This isn't new, the same 
behavior show my older maps.

 > It seems that the Oregon 600 with firmware 5.00 doesn't "understand"
 > the GARMIN SRT file.
Maybe there is something wrong with SRT? I have uploaded samples of 
original SRT, you can compare with srt from mkgmap:

Garmin uses 2 types of CP1252, I think one of differences is that 
"Western European2 Sort" expands 'Æ'.

You can check srt files, that comes with cgpsmapper too, there is file 
"sort.img" in cGPSmapper distribution, which contains multiple srt subfiles.

 > The Nüvi2447 seems to work fine with maps created with --latin1 (also
 > with --lower-case) but says that --unicode  maps are broken.

I have never seen that kind of message. I would expect something like 
"can't authenticate map", which means that Garmin doesn't want you to 
use free Unicode maps in this device. You would need a bit older model 
to test Unicode, for example 23xx, 24xx, 34xx, 35xx.

 > Don't know if I should contact Garmin ?

Would be nice to get support for mkgmap from Garmin ;)
I think you can find developers on Garmin forum:
I don't know how helpful they could be in case of problems caused by 
non-Garmin map.

Best regards,

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