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[mkgmap-dev] please test r3942

From Steve Sgalowski steve.sgalowski at gmail.com on Tue May 16 23:56:58 BST 2017

road test so far is ok on montanna  680 T ,
but Today i will do a address search with it from home to clients and see
how It goes.

Stephen .

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 8:49 AM, Andrzej Popowski <popej at poczta.onet.pl>

> Hi Gerd,
> I have compiled map of Poland using r3942, search looks OK in nuvi 1440,
> but we don't have characters like 'Æ' or 'ß', so I probably can't test your
> problem. I'm downloading data for Europe, will compile and test it later.
> The only glitch I have noticed is in Mapsource. It looks like index
> doesn't contain references to last word of street name. For example, there
> are streets "Marszałka Ferdynanda Focha" and "Aleja Grunwaldzka". I can
> search for "Ferdynanda Focha" but not for "Focha" alone. I can search for
> "Grunwaldzka", which exist in another location, but I won't find "Aleja
> Grunwaldzka" with that search. This isn't new, the same behavior show my
> older maps.
> > It seems that the Oregon 600 with firmware 5.00 doesn't "understand"
> > the GARMIN SRT file.
> Maybe there is something wrong with SRT? I have uploaded samples of
> original SRT, you can compare with srt from mkgmap:
> http://files.mkgmap.org.uk/download/352/srt.7z
> Garmin uses 2 types of CP1252, I think one of differences is that "Western
> European2 Sort" expands 'Æ'.
> You can check srt files, that comes with cgpsmapper too, there is file
> "sort.img" in cGPSmapper distribution, which contains multiple srt subfiles.
> > The Nüvi2447 seems to work fine with maps created with --latin1 (also
> > with --lower-case) but says that --unicode  maps are broken.
> I have never seen that kind of message. I would expect something like
> "can't authenticate map", which means that Garmin doesn't want you to use
> free Unicode maps in this device. You would need a bit older model to test
> Unicode, for example 23xx, 24xx, 34xx, 35xx.
> > Don't know if I should contact Garmin ?
> Would be nice to get support for mkgmap from Garmin ;)
> I think you can find developers on Garmin forum:
> https://forums.garmin.com
> I don't know how helpful they could be in case of problems caused by
> non-Garmin map.
> --
> Best regards,
> Andrzej
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