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[mkgmap-dev] spurious data showing in Basecamp

From 987654321 at use.startmail.com 987654321 at use.startmail.com on Wed Jul 27 15:54:35 BST 2016


I am not sure if this is the place for this question.  I have created a
number of maps using the latest version of mkgmap.  I then  sent the
maps to basecamp using mapsettoolkit as layer 25.  Repeatedly, I see 1
specific issue.

  * If I install the map in basecamp as not transparent the map appears
  * If I install the exact same map in basecamp as transparent, spurious
    lines appear.  However, when I use Basecamp to install the maps on
    the Garmin, they show properly without the spurious data.

Please see attached pdf showing Basecamp screenshots of the exact same
area with the same dataset with the only change being the transparency
setting.  I have cleared the Basecamp cache over and over to no avail..

If this is not the correct place, would you please direct me to it.


  * Windows 7 SP1 all updates 32 bit
  * Basecamp 4.6.2
  * mkgmap dated 4-2-2016
  * mapsettoolkit v1.77
  * cgpsmapper 2.5.2

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