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[mkgmap-dev] Infinite loop splitter

From Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl on Sun Mar 9 15:17:58 GMT 2014


R320 certainly seems to have fixed it for me. If there is still a
problem with osmconvert etc then the new splitter appears to cope with
it somehow. I will keep an eye on the maps coming out of mkgmap in case
there any anomalies, but so far it's looking good. 

Thanks for the fix! 


On 2014-03-09 08:49, GerdP wrote: 

> Hi all,
> I've contacted Markus Weber, the author of osmconvert and osmfilter.
> It seems that the problem with complex-ways occurs only
> in the Windows version, maybe because something goes wrong with
> files > 4GB. Markus doesn't have access to a Win64 system.
> I use a mingw-64 installation to compile my own
> binary for 64 bit, maybe an update will help, but I doubt it,
> and unfortunately I forgot how the installation works,
> I just remember it wasn't simple.
> So, if you use osmconvert/osmfilter to update your files
> it is probably better to use a 64 bit Linux installation.
> Gerd
> GerdP wrote
> Hi Minko, fine:-) I think the only good reason to use splitter with an input file like europe.o5m or planet.o5m in combination with a poly file that extracts a small part is that it is able to keep ferry lines complete. osmconvert --complete-ways --complex-ways -B=bnl_01.poly europe.o5m -o=benelux.o5m fails for me as well. I'll ask the author about it. Gerd ligfietser wrote Gerd wrote: the order of input files would be java ... splitter.jar [options] europe.o5m adres.o5m vlaanderen-adres.o5m Yes I did that too. Anyway, with r320 it seems to work, mkgmap is running now thanks! _______________________________________________ mkgmap-dev mailing list

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