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[mkgmap-dev] Merge the mergeroads branch?

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Fri Dec 20 09:52:01 GMT 2013

If you look at the traffic rules you might be right Thorsten.
Pedestrians may only use cycleways if there are no adjacent footways. 
In general on OSM sidewalks are not mapped very frequently so I would suggest to set access default on yes.
Unless mkgmap can detect if there are sidewalks/footways along those cycleways or not, but this is not the case. 

This is the same discussion as the use_cycleway tag that has been introduced:

If there are obligatory cycleways along highways a cyclist must use the cycleway and has no access to the main road. Mapping of the main road with bicycle=no is considered wrong by some people. They argue that the router has to solve this. But the problem here is there is no relation between cycleway and main highway or cycleway and footway, so mkgmap can't decide which way is allowed and which way isnt.

So the common practice is to map this on OSM:
If there are adjacent footways, map the main road with foot=no. This can be a cycleway or other highway.

Thorsten wrote:
> That's wrong.
> From OSM: "The highway=cycleway tag indicates a separate way which is
> mainly or exclusively used by cyclists."
> If the "foot=yes" is missing as key, it could be correct and
> pedestrians are really not allowed there. There are a lot of examples
> for "highway=cycleway" here in the Nuremberg area, where really only
> cyclists are allowed, not pedestrians.
> Thorsten

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