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[mkgmap-dev] Drive-on-left

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Mon Aug 19 20:10:47 BST 2013

Colin, thanks for testing!
I found one additional location where the drive-on-left flag was set 
wrong (coastlinefile option) but that was easy to fix too. I hope that's 
all now :-)


> Thanks for this WanMil! Although the original patch appeared to work at
> first, it turned out to work in some areas and not in others. I was
> trying to find some kind of logic in what worked and what didn't, but I
> think you hit the nail on the head. I just tried it out with the v2671
> jar and it's looking good so far.
> Colin
> On 2013-08-18 20:13, WanMil wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>>> Btw.: If it's necessary to set --drive-on-left to get everything
>>>>> you need for such a map, then we can remove also the automatism,
>>>>> because everyone will set the param ;)
>>>> I'm in favour of removing the guessing. In addition to the problem
>>>> that it might be wrong because of bad data or two countries in the
>>>> same tile (the UK/France is particularly likely), the code is not
>>>> thread safe and so could cause extra tiles to have the wrong flag
>>>> when used with --max-jobs. I realise that it probably works 99 times
>>>> out of a 100 or even more, but when it does fail there is no
>>>> possible warning or clue as to what might have happened. ..Steve
>>> Hi Steve, attached patch forwards the "guessed" drive-on-left value
>>> in a thread safe way to the NOD header by using a ThreadLocal
>>> variable. This is a small code change. Anyhow this makes only sense
>>> if you think that the guess algorithm is ok. WanMil
>> I have commited the patch although it does not solve all problems.
>> I found out that the driveOnLeft flag is always set to false if
>> precompiled sea is used and there are mixed sea/land areas in the tile.
>> The reason is that loading of precompiled sea tiles uses a MapDataSource
>> that instantiates a StyledConverter without any config parameters.
>> Therefore the driveOnLeft flag is always set to false.
>> I will fix that soon.
>> WanMil
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