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[mkgmap-dev] filter by unit area?

From maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com on Tue May 15 03:20:16 BST 2012

Thank you.  Will try this and report outcomes.

On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 11:42 PM, aighes <osm at aighes.de> wrote:
> Am 09.05.2012 14:55, schrieb maning sambale:
>> Our current coverage is getting detailed.  I'm thinking of removing
>> certain buildings given a unit area threshold. For example:
>>   - remove all building=yes given a threshold of x m^2
> --min-size-polygon=NUM
>   Removes all polygons smaller than NUM from the map.
>   This reduces map size and speeds up redrawing of maps.
>   Recommended value is 8 to 15, default is 8.
>>   - convert buildings as points if a name or address tag exist
> --add-pois-to-areas
>     Generate a POI for each polygon and multipolygon. The POIs are created
>     after the relation style but before the other styles are applied. Each
>     POI is tagged with the same tags of
>     the area/multipolygon. Additionally the tag mkgmap:area2poi=true is
>     set so that it is possible to use that information in the points style
>     file. Artifical polygons created by multipolyon processing are not
> used.
>     The POIs are created at the following positions (first rule that
> applies):
>        polygons:
>            * the first node tagged with a tag defined by the
> pois-to-areas-placement
>              option
>            * the center point
>        multipolygons:
>            * the node with role=label
>            * the center point of the biggest area
> Does this solve your problems?
> Henning
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