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[mkgmap-dev] filter by unit area?

From aighes osm at aighes.de on Wed May 9 16:42:53 BST 2012

Am 09.05.2012 14:55, schrieb maning sambale:
> Our current coverage is getting detailed.  I'm thinking of removing
> certain buildings given a unit area threshold. For example:
>   - remove all building=yes given a threshold of x m^2
   Removes all polygons smaller than NUM from the map.
   This reduces map size and speeds up redrawing of maps.
   Recommended value is 8 to 15, default is 8.

>   - convert buildings as points if a name or address tag exist
     Generate a POI for each polygon and multipolygon. The POIs are created
     after the relation style but before the other styles are applied. Each
     POI is tagged with the same tags of
     the area/multipolygon. Additionally the tag mkgmap:area2poi=true is
     set so that it is possible to use that information in the points style
     file. Artifical polygons created by multipolyon processing are not 
     The POIs are created at the following positions (first rule that 
            * the first node tagged with a tag defined by the 
            * the center point
            * the node with role=label
            * the center point of the biggest area

Does this solve your problems?


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