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[mkgmap-dev] how to build mkgmap with local ivy copy?

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Tue Apr 3 20:46:46 BST 2012


I believe that we should make it possible to build on a completely
isolated build system.

> I don't think it's possible to point the build process to already
> installed jars with ivy.

You can create a local repository and that repository can have
a flat structure. You still need the ivy files, but we could
supply them with the source.

The attached proof of concept patch modifies the build system so
that if you create a file 'local.properties' containing
the following lines:


Then it will work without any internet connection as long
as all the required jars are in /usr/share/java

Is that the kind of thing that you are looking for?

Without the local.properties file, it will work just the same
as before (but please test).

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