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[mkgmap-dev] About PBF format

From Richard Hansen rhansen at bbn.com on Fri Jan 20 07:17:32 GMT 2012

On 2012-01-19 05:36, Gerd Petermann wrote:
> Hello,
>> To get mkgmap to build and run with pbf support, I did the following:
>> 1. modified resources/MANIFEST.MF and changed osmprotobuf.jar to
>> osmpbf.jar (I'm guessing it changed names at some point in the past)
>> 2. modified external.properties to change the protobuf.jar and
>> osmprotobuf.jar variables to point to where I had protobuf.jar and
>> osmpbf.jar installed
>> 3. after mkgmap was done building, I copied protobuf.jar and
>> osmpbf.jar to the directory containing the built mkgmap.jar
>> I used the protobuf.jar and osmpbf.jar from the splitter svn repository.
> I stumbled about this problem again and again. The build.xml for
> splitter creates the /dist/lib directory and copies required jar
> files to it.  I thought this should be done in mkgmap as well, but
> since nobody else complained I thought I missed something.  I am busy
> with the LocationHook, so maybe someone else has time to improve
> that?

I'm somewhat familiar with osmosis's build system.  It uses Apache Ivy 
to download the required dependencies (and their dependencies, 
recursively).  I'm tempted to spend some time over the weekend to modify 
mkgmap's build system to mimic osmosis's approach.  Would this interest 


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