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[mkgmap-dev] About PBF format

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Thu Jan 19 10:36:25 GMT 2012


> To get mkgmap to build and run with pbf support, I did the following:
>    1.  modified resources/MANIFEST.MF and changed osmprotobuf.jar to 
> osmpbf.jar (I'm guessing it changed names at some point in the past)
>    2.  modified external.properties to change the protobuf.jar and 
> osmprotobuf.jar variables to point to where I had protobuf.jar and 
> osmpbf.jar installed
>    3.  after mkgmap was done building, I copied protobuf.jar and 
> osmpbf.jar to the directory containing the built mkgmap.jar
> I used the protobuf.jar and osmpbf.jar from the splitter svn repository.

I stumbled about this problem again and again. The build.xml for splitter creates 
the /dist/lib directory and copies required jar files to it. I thought this should be done
in mkgmap as well, but since nobody else complained I thought I missed something.
I am busy with the LocationHook, so maybe someone else has time to improve that?


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