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[mkgmap-dev] Global index branch

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Feb 28 21:56:38 GMT 2011


> Yes, this is my view too.
> This is how I expect it to work. So if there is an existing sorting
> function doing it this way, then there must be a compare function
> handling it correctly, i.e. doesn't distinguish between the different
> accentuated c's. Should not the same compare function be called in the
> search function for generating MDR8? Then there will be no different
> entries for 'call' / '¢all'. (Sorry, don't have the special char on my
> keyboard)

Yes, it is more of an oversight on my part than a problem.
I am just using a regular comparason, rather than one controlled by
the current Sort object.

But I do need to write a separate comparison routine that ignores all
but primary differences. In the normal sorting accented characters are
"slightly greater" than their un-accented counterparts.


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