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[mkgmap-dev] Weird behavior and problem with splitter r161

From Jean-Marc Meessen osm at meessen-web.org on Sun Feb 20 13:24:38 GMT 2011


Splitter doesn't work work anymore....

I am downloading the geofabrik european map to build my own benelux map. for
this I cut the european PBF with Osmosis to generate a Benelux PBF. I then
"split it" into tiles with the special r161 splitter version that supports
PBF as input before running the rest of the processing. This worked and I
already generated a usefull map.

But since my latest tentative (European data of wednesday and thursday) the
splitter stops processing (without any error message) and the generated maps
are missing most of their features (ex: roads).

The weird behavior I see is that when the splitter starts to process the
"way occupancy" it displays "MAP occupancy: 0" and exists immediatly. This
should explain why I don't see any roads on my generated maps.

This is the output of my splitter:

C:\Users\papa\Documents\GPS\OpenStreetMap\be_tiles>java -Xmx2000M -jar
er-r161/splitter.jar --mapid=52000001 --cache=../be_tiles_cache/
=../cities15000.zip  --max-nodes=1000000 ../myBenelux.osm.pbf
max-threads=2 (auto)
Elapsed time: 0s   Memory: Current 61MB (1MB used, 60MB free) Max 1777MB
Time started: Sat Feb 19 08:10:04 CET 2011
Map is being split for resolution 13:
 - area boundaries are aligned to 0x800 map units
 - areas are multiples of 0x1000 map units wide and high
Processing ../myBenelux.osm.pbf
Bounding box 1.801757999 48.908059 7.800292999000001 52.214339
Time: Sat Feb 19 08:10:07 CET 2011
Exact map coverage is (48.908042907714844,1.8017578125) to
Trimmed and rounded map coverage is (48.9111328125,1.8017578125) to
Splitting nodes into areas containing a maximum of 1.000.000 nodes each...
Area (49.482421875,1.8896484375) to (51.15234375,4.1748046875) contains
nodes. DONE!
Area (49.04296875,4.1748046875) to (51.15234375,5.4931640625) contains
733.032 n
odes. DONE!
Area (51.15234375,1.8017578125) to (52.20703125,4.5263671875) contains
620.613 n
odes. DONE!
Area (51.15234375,4.5263671875) to (52.20703125,5.4931640625) contains
704.554 n
odes. DONE!
Area (48.9111328125,5.4931640625) to (49.5263671875,7.7783203125) contains
28 nodes. DONE!
Area (49.5263671875,5.4931640625) to (50.4931640625,7.4267578125) contains
04 nodes. DONE!
Area (50.4931640625,5.4931640625) to (51.1083984375,6.2841796875) contains
42 nodes. DONE!
Area (50.4931640625,6.2841796875) to (51.1083984375,7.1630859375) contains
02 nodes. DONE!
Area (51.1083984375,5.4931640625) to (51.3720703125,7.0751953125) contains
19 nodes. DONE!
Area (51.3720703125,5.4931640625) to (52.0751953125,6.9873046875) contains
61 nodes. DONE!
10 areas:
Area 52000001 covers (0x233800,0x3e800) to (0x23e800,0x54800) DE-Trier
Area 52000002 covers (0x245800,0x3e800) to (0x248800,0x50800) DE-Dusseldorf
Area 52000003 covers (0x22c800,0x3e800) to (0x233800,0x58800) DE-Saarbrucken
Area 52000004 covers (0x22e000,0x2f800) to (0x246000,0x3e800) BE-Brussels
Area 52000005 covers (0x23e800,0x3e800) to (0x245800,0x47800) DE-Aachen
Area 52000006 covers (0x246000,0x33800) to (0x252000,0x3e800) NL-Utrecht
Area 52000007 covers (0x248800,0x3e800) to (0x250800,0x4f800) DE-Duisburg
Area 52000008 covers (0x233000,0x15800) to (0x246000,0x2f800) BE-Gent
Area 52000009 covers (0x23e800,0x47800) to (0x245800,0x51800) DE-Koeln
Area 52000010 covers (0x246000,0x14800) to (0x252000,0x33800) NL-Rotterdam
Writing out split osm files Sat Feb 19 08:10:08 CET 2011
Processing 10 areas in a single pass
Starting pass 1 of 1, processing 10 areas (52000001 to 52000010)
Making SparseMultiMap
Making SparseMultiMap
Processing ../myBenelux.osm.pbf
Bounding box 1.801757999 48.908059 7.800292999000001 52.214339
Making SparseMultiMap
Making SparseMultiMap
MAP occupancy: 861501
MAP occupancy: 130753
MAP occupancy: 7746
Making SparseMultiMap
MAP occupancy: 1744524
MAP occupancy: 242713
MAP occupancy: 12515
MAP occupancy: 248
MAP occupancy: 2603236
MAP occupancy: 372778
MAP occupancy: 23341
MAP occupancy: 645
MAP occupancy: 3439177
MAP occupancy: 523803
MAP occupancy: 36362
MAP occupancy: 658
MAP occupancy: 4301030
MAP occupancy: 658871
MAP occupancy: 39441
MAP occupancy: 658
MAP occupancy: 5178067
MAP occupancy: 776748
MAP occupancy: 44358
MAP occupancy: 827
coords occupancy
MAP occupancy: 5765385
MAP occupancy: 839551
MAP occupancy: 46448
MAP occupancy: 1236
ways occupancy
MAP occupancy: 0
Time finished: Sat Feb 19 08:10:47 CET 2011
Total time taken: 43s

   - Am I using the latest version of the PBF splitter branch (I also tried
   the compiled r161-3) ?
   - Is this a known problem ?
   - Is something wrong with my parameters ?

I was using a windows 7 PC for this.

Thanks in advance to any hint or advise you could give me.

Jean-Marc Meessen
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