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[mkgmap-dev] Improved street search in index branch

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Thu Jan 13 20:33:55 GMT 2011

> On 12.01.2011 23:32, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
>> Hi
>>> * Searching for streets works fine for me.
>>> * Searching for streets and cities does not work (error message from
>>> MapSource)
>> Hmm it is strange; I have a map of Germany where searching for
>> street+city works very well.  However I also have UK map where
>> street+city does not work.
>> So it isn't just down to accented characters.  May be the number of
>> cities, streets etc.
>> ..Steve
>> _______________________________________________
> Before Tuesdays round of commits, the searching for street&  city worked
> fine (except cities with accented characters of course). Now on Austria
> it is not working anymore.
> In general the index branch has not yet brought forward any progress to
> me. (normal branch, plus the change on accented characters, and going
> back on the mdx file to version rev 1760) would be best for the moment
> (though I think the current situation is two steps forward and one step
> back and hopefully in general the right way...). So for the main branch
> go back to rev. 1772, and then change the mdx creation back to how it
> worked in 1760 and bring in the changes related to accented characters
> in the city to trunk.


your proposal sounds like a lot of work that should better be invested 
in the branch itself. I think it is better to continue with the index 
branch until the whole branch is ready for merge.


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